5 Minutes With… Dhivya Puri, senior technical lead at Fiberight.

Fiberight is a UK- and US-based small and medium-sized enterprise that’s developed technology to recover value from municipal solid waste (MSW), rescuing it from landfill and incineration. The company also recovers traditional recyclables like rigid plastics, metals and glass and two organics streams: paper waste and food waste to put it to better use. The food waste is solubilised and processed through anaerobic digestion to produce energy and clean water, while the paper is broken down to sugars via enzyme hydrolysis – sugars that can then be used to make bio-fuels and bio-chemicals.

The senior technical lead from Fiberight, Dhivya Puri, joins Bio-Based World News for the latest 5 Minutes With… ahead of the company building its first commercial plant that’s due to become operational by around January 2019. In the interview Dhivya gives fascinating insights on how she made the move from the lecture hall to the office, the opportunities facing the bio-based industry as she sees them and why this industry can sometimes be a little messy.